• I’m new to Saikel? How do I get started?

    Welcome! First, sign up to create your account. Be sure to check out our list of talented instructors and find the perfect class to kick off your first Saikel. Book your class, arrive early, and get ready to have fun.



  • How do I cancel my reservation?

    You can cancel under ‘My Account’ on the Saikel website.

  • What should I expect when I get to the studio?

    Arrive 20 minutes early to your first class and let the front desk staff know that it's your first visit.  A Saikel staff member will take you through a brief orientation to get you ready. Our instructors will also help guide you every step of the way.  If your an interested client, please don't hesistate to come by our studio in advance of your class so we can provide your with a tour.

  • What should I wear to a Saikel class?

    Whatever keeps you cool and comfortable. For cycling, many people opt for shorts or form-fitting pants, which won’t interfere with the pedals.  You can bring your own indoor gym shoes or we’ll provide the cycling shoes for $2.

  • How do I track my performance?

    Every time you take a Saikel cycling class, performance metrics like power, speed, distance and estimated calories burned will be saved in the ‘My Performance’ section of your account. You can also see how your performance stacks up during your class by choosing to appear on our Saikel LeaderBoard.

    Not wanting to compete with classmates? Simply opt out before class and simply enjoy the ride.

  • What are my membership options?

    If you love to Saikel, it pays to purchse an unlimited membership.

    Our Saikel monthly memberships allow you to take as many classes as you’d like every month.  

    Want perks? Our Super Saikel monthly membership lets you enjoy unlimited classes, early booking privelages (allow you to book classes a month in advance, 15% discount on retail, shoe & towel service and a Saikel T-shirt.

    How can I Saikel if I don’t want a membership?

    Ride Packages of 5, 10, or 20 packs are perfect for those that travel or have unpredicatable schedules,. The larger the pack, the more you save per class. A 20-pack is your best deal!

  • How do I change my membership?

    You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time by emailing  All changes to your membership will be pro-rated effective immediately.

  • Can I freeze my membership?

    We allow members to freeze their membership for up to 60 days per year.  If you need to freeze a membership please send and email to  All "freeze" requests must be made in advance and provided by email.  No exceptions.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    Saikel offers no minimum commitment for monthly memberships. To cancel a membership, email  All changes to your membership will be pro-rated effective immediately.

  • Why was my credit card was declined?

    This may happen when billing addresses are entered incorrectly, so please try updating your card info. Your membership should reset within a few minutes if the updated info is accepted. Still having trouble? Reach out to for assistance.

  • Why was I charged multiple times?

    Please note that we apply a fee for missed classes, or classes that were cancelled after 5PM the day prior. Be sure to check in to class (on time!), and cancel in accordance with our policies. If you feel the extra charge was made in error, simply email and we’ll look into it.

  • Is there a beginner class?

    Yes!  Saikel 101 is an introductory class designed for the beginner rider to learn the lingo and the moves to get you in your Saikel groove. 

  • How do I buy classes?

    Head to the 'Buy Packages' page to view your ride package and membership options. Purchases can be made online or in-studio.

  • How can I sign up for class?

    Every Friday at 1:00 PM, the booking window opens for the upcoming week. Head over to the 'Buy Class' page and choose a class time that works – you can register for as many classes as you’d like until the following Monday. We encourage you to sign up for your favorite classes as soon as possible as many fill up quickly.

    Super Saikel members can book classes for weeks in advance.

  • Do I need to be in great shape before I Saikel?

    Absolutely not. We welcome everyone, without judgment. Whether it's your first ride, or you've been cycling for years we offer an environment friendly to those of all fitness levels. That's what's great about Saikel - you decide what intensity is right for you. 

  • Can my Saikel instructor see my performance stats?

    Your numbers are your own. Unless you opt in to the Saikel LeaderBoard, only you can see your performance stats. And when you do opt in, the instructor sees your performance only when it’s flashed up on the board.

  • Can I take a class if I’m pregnant?

    Physical activity is encouraged during pregnancy, but it's always a good idea to consult your physician beforehand.

  • When do I have to cancel to avoid penalty?

    You must cancel 4hrs before your scheduled class in order to avoid penalty. If you cancel with 4hrs of your scheduled class, you will be charged a late fee of $10. You can cancel a class by going to ‘My Account’ on the Saikel website.

  • How does the wait list work?

    If someone in your wait listed class cancels their reservation the first person on the wait list will receive a text or email notification from Saikel, asking if he or she would like the available spot. If that’s you, you have 15 minutes to respond YES. If you don’t respond, we’ll text the next person on the wait list, you will remain inactive on the wait list and you’ll get reimbursed the credit after class begins. If you respond YES, the spot is yours and you will receive a confirmation via text and email. If someone cancels before 4:00 PM the day prior, you’ll get an email notification saying you’ve made it into class.