Welcome to Saikel

Winnipeg’s first boutique spin studio.


Sweat. push. change. grow.


Welcome to SAIKEL, a unique indoor ride experience designed for all levels of fitness. We are built on the foundation of strength in numbers, and believe in the power of team fitness and performance tracking to drive motivation and fuel results.

Whether you’re a first time rider, or a season ‘saikel-ist’, we know we’ve got a ride that will meet your needs.


SAIKEL |ˈsaīk(ə)l|

pronounced cycle.

verb. To ride a stationary bike with intention to push, sweat, change, grow, and enhance your health.



We believe in the power of community and connection, and the benefits of sharing energy as a team. When we surround ourselves with like-minded, passionate, and driven individuals, great things can happen. Saikel is a platform for personal change and development, and community connection.

Through our monthly Saikel for the Soul charity initiatives, we support deserving Winnipeg organizations and give back to our community.

Saikel is proud to be 100% Winnipeg owned and operated. We are from Winnipeg, for Winnipeg.

Check out our charity page for more info and ways you can get involved!