Welcome to Saikel

Winnipeg’s first boutique indoor cycle studio.

Our vision at Saikel is to provide the most effective, low barrier, inclusive workout experience.

We provide a class that meets every rider, wherever they’re at. There are no pre-requisites to ride. Our highly customizable bikes can be adjusted to fit your needs, and the resistance is literally in your hands. Our instructors will lead the way, but your effort is up you. This is your time. Your ride.

Whether you are a first time rider or a seasoned saikel-ist, we’ve got a class that will meet your needs and push your performance for continued growth.

The Ride

Come as one, leave as a team. 45 minutes is all it takes to transform your day. Leave the pressures and stress of life outside. Together we clip in, check out, and focus our attention inward. The Saikel experience is grounded in the belief that we are stronger as a team, and when we surround ourselves with like-minded, driven people, great things will happen.

Through the energy of the team, we’ll challenge you to push yourself harder than you thought possible. 

The Technology

Creating a consistent standard to hold yourself accountable, our Performance IQ System will help guide your work and fuel your results. Our Stages bikes provide real-time data capable of monitoring RPM, power, calorie expenditure, speed, and distance.

Opt to compete in our live, in-studio leaderboards through your ride and feed of the energy of those around you. Competition not your thing? Not to worry - being on our leaderboard is completely optional!

After each ride, your results stay housed in your private online account. Track your performance, set goals, and crush em. 

The Music

Music is an integral component of the Saikel experience. Our instructors curate their own unique playlists and are given the creative freedom to personally choreograph each ride, providing you an exhilarating workout experience. Get lost in the moment and push harder riding to your favourite pump up jams, throwback tracks, and epic workout anthems. 

The Bike

Our Stages bikes are best in class, designed to provide a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride experience. With multiple adjustments available, you can be confident knowing your bike is safely set to fit your needs. Our educated staff and instructors will ensure we find your proper set-up for optimal performance. 

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ride with us