Our Story

The Ride

Welcome to Winnipeg's first boutique cycle studio - you'll push yourself to work harder than you ever thought possible. Step into a studio designed with a close eye for detail. Our studios offer stadium-style seating, making every seat in the house a great one.


The Technology

Our Stages bikes are connected to provide you with live real-time data with the capabilities of monitoring RPM, power, calorie expenditure and speed & distance.  With our in-studio LeaderBoard, you can also see how you’re stacking up against other riders. If you’re not into seeing your name in lights, simply opt out of the LeaderBoard before any ride. Either way, your results will be in your online account, so you can easily track your progress and set future goals. 


The Music

Music is also an integral part of the Saikel experience. Our instructors choose their playlists and choreograph each ride to provide the most exhilarating workout experience. Friday night is party time with our resident DJ Skene.  You spin on the bike while Skene spins the tracks.