Check In

Come to the studio 15 minutes before class starts. Be sure to let the front desk know you’re a new rider and we’ll get you set up on the bike and if requested sized with cycling shoes.

Sign In Sheet

Make sure you claim that bike! If you signed up in advance, your name will be listed on the sign-in sheet next to your bike number. You will be asked to initial for your bike, so that we know you’re here. Note: If you’re not signed in 3 minutes before your class your bike can be given to someone on the waitlist.


Bring along your workout shoes and strap in for the Saikel experience. Or purchase cycling shoes for an additional $2 that clip in to the pedals. You can also bring your own cycling shoes, we use an SPD clip.  Clipping in provides more efficiency and allows you to target the correct muscle groups. 

Locker Room

Our locker rooms are equipped with showers, shampoo, blow dryer and straighteners. We want Saikel to fit into your busy life, so we’ve stocked up on the necessities to get you ready for your next stop. We also have lockers in which your belongings can be safely kept.

Bike Set-Up

Our Saikel bikes are of the highest-class yet as easy to customize as 1-2-3. In case you’ve never used them before, there are 3 places where you can adjust your bike:

Seat height

Fore/aft seat position

Handlebar Height

If you’re new to Saikel, arrive early and ask the front desk for assistance. They will record your settings and add them to your rider profile.

Saikel Safety

Saikel is an intense total body workout and like any new fitness routine, you may want to discuss with your doctor before your first ride. If you have any specific concerns feel free to discuss with your instructor or front desk staff. We are happy to answer any questions?  Before class, make sure to check that all pins are tight and that your cycling shoes are secure in the pedals. Our instructors will challenge you to push yourself, but please work at an intensity that is comfortable for you.